Fear is a LIAR

It was a tough few years in business, I’m not alone, most people who are prepared to take risks and put themselves out there will feel it – pain, fear, frustration, shame, all of the above. It hurts sometimes running a business and as mentioned in a previous post, anyone who tells you it doesn’t – is lying.

I’m now on the other side of this particular hurdle – that’s not to say another one isnt’ around the corner – but I’m currently out of the fear. I’m out of the cloud of confusion. Which means I now have the pleasure of sharing my experiences with those who are currently facing that wall of shit.

I had a call from one such business person on Friday, detailing their current situation in their business, their fear, their sense of hopelessness and frustration of not knowing what is next or how to solve the big vacuous problem of where they currently are. I listened with empathy and total understanding because god knows I’ve experienced these emotions so many times I’ve lost count.

Every business book you read will tell you trust your gut, to listen to what your gut is saying, but what I’ve learnt is that when you’re in a place of fear, your gut is confused. You are operating from a place of panic, not purpose and decisions are based on a lie. Panic never creates correct decisions – yes, adrenalin may contribute to some barrier pushing adventurous decisions like bungee jumping or rock climbing, but panic in a business situation is never a good idea.

I want to be clear and not confuse stress with Panic – I like stress when it’s not combined with panic. I like being constantly pulled from one thing to the next when it’s driven with ideas, creation and collaboration – but if I add panic – it becomes a heady mix of shit, stir crazy attitude, self doubt and bad bad bad decisions.

Fear is one big fat lying son of bitch – and whilst I like Elizabeth Gilbert (read her book Big Magic – it’s amazing) believe that fear has an important seat at this table – I also believe that he is not allowed to drive the car.

If you’re in a place of fear and panic in your business right now, take a seat back – ask for perspective even when you don’t think it’s there – find those that have been there and have seen the way out or the other side, or think outside of the fear box you’re sitting in. There is always a way out, there is always hope and there is always another option – but fear will block all options of seeing that.

Reach out if you want to share your story too, I'd love to hear from you.


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