Farewell Rossland..

It was September 2015; we drove into Rossland on a recommendation and stopped at a boutique.

I had Charlie with me, and we were both invited into the shop to browse. The shop owner started a conversation, which after 15 minutes ended with an invitation for us to stay with her for the winter.

Slightly taken aback, we all agreed to think on it and come back to her in the coming months as we were about to embark on a global trip.

It was October 2015; we were sitting in a Cambodian ashram when an email came through from Janet (the woman in the boutique) suggesting that she was still very interested in having us should we also be open to the idea.

All zen and chilled, we decided to go for it and on November 20th, we arrived to a big hug, a large glass of whiskey and a huge smile.

Janet is like no other. She is aging backwards. In fact , she’ll tell you that herself, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes – in fact all the women in this town are. They’re gorgeous 50-60 something’s with a zest for life and a very limited tolerance for bullshit. I love them.

Janet graciously introduced us to her friends, her family and most of the town. Within days, we were all settled in and comfy with our new environment. The 3 of us ate the same foods, listened to similar music, believed in the same things and lived life the same way- a consistent thirst for betterment, a healthy appreciation for the environment, a love of whole foods and a passion for single malts. It was a dream situation that none of us could have possibly dreamt of.

In return for her hospitality, Rog renovated a few bits and pieces on her house and I designed her shop website, but mostly, it was a shared friendship that none of us expected to occur so quickly and so deep.

It wasn’t just Janet though, it was this town. This place so full of community spirit, enveloped us and within days we were signed up for volunteer efforts and helping with city events.

We spent 4 months in Rossland, skiing most days, getting to know our neighbours, enjoying the scenery and experiencing what it’s like to live so carefree that you just knock and walk into your friends houses.

It is like a modern day 1950’s (I know a contradiction in terms – but hear me out) where you played until sunset, told stories around the campfire, knew everyone in town, and although gossip was rife, it was relatively well intentioned.

It’s April 2016; we left Rossland this morning, heavy hearts and mixed emotions. Excited about our next adventure but sad to say farewell to our new found friends, a community we fit right into and a town that just seems to have everything you could dream of.

I can’t thank Rossland or Janet enough for one of the most life defining experiences of our trip so far – it’s been truly awakening on so many levels and we’re looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Till then – peace out, live big and Namaste


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