A Full Mind isn't Mindful

It’s such a wondrous thing to sit amongst nature and just observe. Trees whispering and creaking as the wind has her way with them. Woodpeckers banging on bark willing it to open, ravens screeching in the distance with a sound of surprise every single time.

Things emerge when you stop. Listen. Observe.

Today, I sat and watched a river; the ripples, the flow, the algae being roughly stirred as the water rushed past; fish, timber, bits of earth flying down stream as if water were flipped with air – so seamlessly and free.


Sounds were amplified so much it almost hurt to listen and colours became so vibrant and pronounced I blinked in it’s glory. The colour of green as a sea of moss overtook the forest surrounding the river.

I sat, poised, taking it all in. The beauty, the simplicity, the pure raw effect of nature exploding right in front of me.

I hadn’t taken a breath for close to a minute. I inhaled and exhaled slowly. The feeling was euphoric, peaceful.

The emotions were ragged – almost tearful of the beauty that surrounded me. How could I not feel it when the very hand of nature was pressing on my soul. Every piece of natural element screaming to be seen and heard and yet silently creeping it’s way towards my head and my heart.

A jogger ran past and woke me from my moment. A casual hello was exchanged and they hurried off. I felt sorry for them. They were missing it, this moment. This ability to be so close to mother nature herself and to run away smiling just seems absurd – although polite.

When I walk through these forests, I feel like I should be aware of every footfall, of every disruption I place within their space so as not to miss something. It is all consuming, it rips at your heart and pulls, like a ghost in the night not wanting to let go until you shout out sit straight up and scream. She’s pulling me in, closer and closer to be part of her.

The river in it’s constant, it’s flowing, a musical masterpiece that was created in the beginning of time to announce it’s existence to the world. It hums, and sings always on key - a beautiful white noise to the perfect tune.

How could I miss these moments? How could I walk on without seeing the leaves glisten against the sun and the bees flutter amongst the brush? How could I miss the undercurrent of another planet under my feet as I patter through the forest? I’d miss it all.


The very word seems humorous and obvious but yet, oblivious to most. The ding of each “like” and “buzz” of each ring, the flashing red light reminding you that I’m still popular denies me the very ability to be conscious – present – mindful. I get lost in the buzz and chaos.

I can hear it. The call of the electronic wild, determining my each and every move – removing my ability to think, feel, express, exchange. It’s there…right below my nose and yet, the answer lies just above my head.



Look Up.

Be bare foot.


Nature is watching me, it’s waiting for me to hear her. She is trying so hard not to crush me with her greatness and approaches with passion, caution and kindness – so she can heal me, help me breathe, caress my weary soul in her very hands and ease me back to life.

She’s patient, but am I ever willing?

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