What's my Mountain?

A few months ago, we headed to the Rossland Mountain Film Festival to watch "Meru”. If you have an opportunity – take the hour and a half and do yourself a favour - watch this film. This soul filling experience of a film will give you every emotion under the sun whilst having you think about your own sense of adventure.

The film follows the adventures of 3 climbers looking to tackle “Meru” one of the most complex mountains in the Himilayas. The journey the film takes you on is fierce, complex, thrilling, emotional, and beautiful. The passion these men have for their sport is inspiring.

I’m jealous as a I watch the film. I’d love to feel thst sense of humiliation, passion and tenacity for something so intense. It got me thinking – What is my mountain? I walked out of the film a bucket of emotions. Jealousy, sadness, inspiration, excitement, - why can’t I have my mountain? I want a mountain damnit. I want to feel that sense of passion that overtakes everything else. I want a freaking mountain.

As I’m grumbling in my own head, I realise that it’s actually not about the mountain.

Even reflecting on the film, the alpinists had most of the climb planned bar the last 200m but took into consideration that each step may change. They had an overarching view of what they wanted to achieve but they were open to the idea that every day may change.

They stayed curious.

They were always open about their mountain.

Each footfall changed, they had no idea what the actual mountain would look like until they were eyeball to eyeball with the rock face. Until they placed the pick into the ice, they had no idea what the action would be for the goal.

Yes, a drive, a determination, a focus on betterment and achievement and working towards something greater than ourselves is an important part of our lives, but you don’t have to know the mountain. I don’t have to know what the ultimate goal is and forget the entire process and path along the way.

I must be present to each crevasse, lip, foothold, breath and view along the way – otherwise the mountain has no point.

Because it’s actualy not about the mountain.

It’s about the path – the journey and until you truly believe the cliché, I mean truly believe it – it won’t exist in your mind. It will only ever be a concept, an idea and in the background you’ll constantly think yeah, but what about the mountain.

Fuck the mountain.

One fucking foot in front of the other.

Be better.

Serve the world better.

Focus on yourself being better.

Everything else, will just follow.

Then..the mountain...well that son of a bitch will find you.

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